For years one of the first things I'd do when setting up a new OS was configuring my Internet connection properties to use Google DNS - This had helped me to increase DNS lookup speed and avoid occasional ISP DNS outages.

Today I learned about joint project by Cloudflare and APNIC - Together they have created a new DNS directory with a very catchy address and

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ANSI is a graphics standard in DOS which allowed a certain set of escape sequences to be included in files that would produce color. Towards the early 1990's, an entire ANSI "Scene" rose up where people tried to outdo each other producing elaborate ANSI images and files.

As an example I've included a selection of very fine ANSi art from ROY/SAC.

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Directory size calculator

Discovered an amazing tool for quckly calculating directory size in Linux:
du -sh [directory]
Comes in handy when dealing with low disk space situations. Included by default with almost every distro, including MacOSX.

Improving uTorrent for Mac with IDA

I've tried several torrent clients for MacOSX, and I found that no client can match uTorrent in terms of size, functionality and performance. However, it has one annoying feature: ads.

While in Windows version one can get rid of ads by editing hidden setting option, Mac users are limited to using firewall to block ads from loading. This, however, still leaves an empty "Advertisement" box, as well as "Upgrade Now" button.

Luckily, thanks to an

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Hello, world!

Well done, Ghost dev team! This is exactly what I've been looking for: swift, clean and non-bloated blog engine. Little gems like this come as a bonus: